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Playship by Hoopla was founded by two working moms who both experienced difficulty in finding high quality educative toys that their children would not easily outgrow or get bored of. They found that it would often be a waste of money and space having to keep buying toys that would only be used for a short period of time. Therefore they created a solution to their problem which was to rent! However they soon discovered that there was no toy rental service available in Indonesia that rents out educative toys. Thus they decided to start their own subscription based toy rental service as they knew this was a problem that many Moms experienced as well.

By subscribing to Playship by Hoopla children will be able to enjoy different high quality and educative toys every month that will be catered specifically to their individual development which will be based on our age specific toy curriculum.This way children can experience playing with a wide range of toys according to their development and parents will no longer have to worry about what to do with the toys once their children stops playing with them. More space, more learning, more fun!

Meet our sailors

Natasha Rasyid Guna
Co-founder and CEO of Playship by Hoopla
Natasha Rasyid Guna: Co-founder and CEO of Playship by Hoopla, Natasha is a mom of two. Natasha enjoys playing pretend play as one of her quality time with her children. Natasha graduated from Babson College, Massachusetts, where she majored in Finance and Marketing. During her free time, Natasha is a self-taught home chef and an avid pilates practitioner.
Erica Pramesty
Co-founder and COO of Playship by Hoopla
Erica Pramesty: Co-founder and COO of Playship by Hoopla, Erica is a mom of one. Her favorite play timewith her daughter is water play. Erica holds a bachelor degree in industrial engineering from Universitas Indonesia and an MBA degree from INSEAD. She enjoys volunteering, running, and swimming.
Devy Diyani
Product and Content Specialist
Devy Diyani: Product and Content Specialist, Devy is currently majoring in Psychology at Universitas Indonesia. Devy is very enthusiastic about the Child Development field and wishes to open her own clinic one day. Her hobbies are swimming, cooking, and watching films.
Nurfitriani Djaafara
Product and Content Specialist
Nurfitriani Djaafara: Product and Content Specialist, Fitri is a Psychology BSc Graduate from City University, London. Fitri thoroughly enjoys working with children and is currently involved in an inclusive volunteering program for children with disabilities. Fitri aspires to become a child psychologist and to open her own clinic one day. In her free time Fitri enjoys swimming and reading books.

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