Frequently Asked Question

What is Playship by Hoopla?

Playship by Hoopla is a new way to play! We provide the first subscription based toy rental service in Indonesia. We curate premium and educative toys and create play curriculum, for children in the age of 6 – 24 months to enhance their developments. Every subscription box will be filled with 4 toys and renewed monthly with new toys based on your child’s age and milestones. Your child will never receive the same toy twice (unless you request it!)

Why do parents need to rent toys?

Some reasons to rent toys instead of buying them:

  • Save money: renting cost is more economical than the acquisition cost (buying your own toys), not to mention the risk that your child may not like or enjoy the toys that you bought
  • Save time: researching quality toys for your child development takes time and effort. Let us take the work so you can spend your time for a more meaningful moment with your loved ones!
  • Save space: we understand that modern family these days has little space at home/apartment. So why pile the toys that won’t grow together with your child? Just rent Playship by Hoopla and make your home clutter-free!
  • Save the earth: sharing the toys with other children means reducing the number of trash that we accumulate. Let’s be good to our mother earth!

Why subscription?

We believe that for children in the golden age of 0 to 3 years, playing means learning. To ensure a quality and continuous learning, subscription basis is the way to go. Continuous stimulations will help the children develop the skills to achieve their milestones.

Why the toys are curated?

We want to make your job easier! We understand how frustrating it is to research for good quality toys that are educative and safe. Therefore we curate premium, award winning, and non-toxic toys available, and tailor your Playship to match with your children’s age and milestones.

Why four toys in the box?

Each toys serve different development skills: motor, cognitive, social & emotional, linguistic, practical life; we combine the toys to ensure that you child’s play time would enhance the development of those skills. In addition, having more variety of toys in a box enables toy rotation, which will reduce the risk that your child would get bored easily.

Why rent at Playship by Hoopla?

  • Toys quality: we curate premium, award winning, safe toys (non toxic – good materials)
  • Playcademy: our expert develop a toy curriculum that will match your child’s age and development milestones to recommended toys
  • Economical : each Playship equals to almost IDR 1.5 mio worth of toys – by renting you only pay IDR 300,000 monthly
  • Hygiene: we put our utmost attention to the toy’s hygiene, we clean all of our toys thoroughly

Are the toys clean and safe? I don’t want my child to catch contagious disease

  • Hygiene is our utmost priority. As parents ourselves, we understand that cleanliness is the main concern in renting baby products.
    • All incoming and outgoing toys area cleaned thoroughly by using non-toxic cleanser specifically designed for baby products and environmentally friendly.
    • Before shipped to your home, we ensure that all toys are clean and safe

How does renting at Playship by Hoopla work?

  • Subscribe: Email to us your details (including your child’s profile), and subscribe to one of our plan
  • Receive: You will receive a box containing 4 toys that are curated based on your child’s age and development milestones. We also give instruction cards as a guide to play and have fun with the toys.
  • Exchange: After 4 week, our courier will pick up the box. The following day, a new box containing new toys based on your child’s latest age and development will be delivered to your front door! Don’t forget to regularly update your child’s development so we can tailor the Playship accordingly.

How to order or subscribe Playship by Hoopla?

  • Select one of the subscription plan for your Playship, then fill in the form or e-mail us with your details (your name (parent), your child’s name, address, mobile number, home phone number or another person number who lives in the same address). Kindly attach a photo/scanned copy of your identity (ID card/KTP, passport, or family registers) and social media account (Facebook, Instagram). Your order can only be confirmed if there’s a proof of identity.
  • The subscription cost consists of rental fee, deposit, and shipping costs for delivery and pick up. Kindly pay the subscription cost to our Kliksell link or bank account. By paying the subscription, you agree with the rental terms.
  • Once we receive your payment, we will email you the details about the customize Playship box based on your children’s profile and the delivery arrangement.
  • Our courier partner will send the box to your address.
  • You can enjoy the toys for 4 weeks, then our courier will pick up the box at your address and send it back to Hoopla warehouse.
  • Before the end of your subscription, we will email you again to:
    • For 1 month subscriber: Ask whether you want to continue the subscription. If continue, the process is back to point 1 above
    • For 3 month subscriber: Ask you to update the survey about your child’s milestones. Then, the process is back to point 3 above

What is the price for subscription?

We have two subscription plans for

  • 1 month : IDR 339,000 / month
  • 3 month: IDR 299,000 / month with free shipping costs for the first month

You can save 15% by choosing a longer term subscription.

The price above exclude deposit and shipping costs, which will depend on the area of your address.

Is there any Deposit required?

For 1 month subscription plan, the deposit is IDR 50,000. For 3 month subscription plan, the deposit is IDR 100,000.

Can I cancel my subscription along the way?

Cancellation of subscription is only valid for customers who subscribe for 3 months. Cancellation can only be done 4 weeks after the subscription begins, and customer should inform Playship by Hoopla before then.

Can I transfer my subscription along the way?

Customer can transfer all the remaining subscription period to someone else by informing the detailed data of the substitute party to Playship by Hoopla at least 14 days before the next shipping box delivery schedule.

Can I take a leave from my subscription along the way?

Customer can apply for a time off or a leave period, by informing Playship by Hoopla team at least 7 days before the next box delivery started. Maximum period allowed for a time off or a leave period is 1 month.

My child loves the toy so much, can we purchase the toys? If yes, how much?

Yes, subject to Hoopla team’s discretion. You will need to inform us 7 days before the return date of the Playship. We will charge you the book value or retail price of the toys depending whether the toys is brand new (never being rented) or not.

Do you ship to Bogor?

Currently we only cover area of Jakarta, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi

What is the shipping cost?

We appoint a courier service as our logistics partner. The shipping cost is a flat rate depending on your area:

  • Jakarta: IDR 35,000 / shipment
  • Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi (inc Tangerang Selatan, BSD): IDR 45,000 / shipment

Kindly note that for each month, there will be two different shipments: firstly to deliver the Playship to your home and secondly to pick up the Playship back to our warehouse.

What is TNC for shipping?

  • Box shipment and return will be done by a courier service appointed by Playship by Hoopla.  The schedule of shipment and pick up will be informed by Playship by Hoopla team beforehand.
  • If the customer is not available at home when there is a shipping delivery schedule, customer can delay the delivery schedule by informing the Playship by Hoopla team at the latest 2 working days before the predetermined shipping delivery schedule. The rent period is counted as 4 weeks starting from the initial shipping delivery schedule that has been set.
  • If the delay in shipping delivery is caused by Playship by Hoopla, the rent period will start when the customer receives the box.
  • If the customer is not available at home when there is a returning delivery schedule, customer can speed up the returning delivery schedule by informing Playship by Hoopla team at the latest 2 working days before the predetermined returning delivery schedule. If the requested returning delivery schedule exceeds the predetermined returning delivery schedule, customer will be charged an additional rental fee per day counted from the predetermined returning delivery schedule.
  • Additional rental fee per day is Rp 25.000,00.
  • If the delay in returning delivery is caused by Playship by Hoopla, customer will not be charged an additional rental fee.
  • If the courier already arrives at the address given by the customer, but the box is not handed over to customer because of issues such as but not limited to: address can’t be found, customer can’t be contacted, no other receivers who may be presented on the customer approval; the shipping or returning delivery will be cancelled and customer may request another shipping and returning delivery schedule by paying another delivery fee to Playship by Hoopla bank account. If there are toys or items left behind at the customer upon returning of the box, the customer will be charged according to the calculation of the returning distance from Hoopla warehouse to the destination address.

What happen if there’s damage, missing part, or lost of the rented toys?

  • Reasonable and easy to clean dirt will not be charged replacement cost.
  • For severe and hard to clean dirt, or dirt that can’t be cleaned at all, replacement cost for 50% from the toy retail price will be charged.
  • For any missing toy component, replacement cost will be charged based on the component availability in Playship by Hoopla warehouse.
  • If the missing component is available in Hoopla warehouse or can be replaced by another toy in Hoopla warehouse, customer will not be charged.
  • If the missing component is available to be purchased in retailer, costumer will be charged according to the market price for the new component.
  • For heavy damage (causing the toy can’t be used again), replacement cost will be charged according to the toys condition.
  • For missing toy, replacement cost will be charged according to the toy’s book value or up to retail price of the toy.

The toys I receive are in bad condition (damage, can’t be used), what should I do?

  • If the toy is received in an unacceptable condition, please contact us for the replacement by attaching photo of the toy condition at maximum 1x 24 hours after the box is received. Shipping costs for the replacement will be our responsibility.
  • If the customer does not inform any damages or unacceptable condition for 1 x 24 hours after the box is received, we consider the damage occurs during the rental period and thus will be charged according to the replacement provisions.