Flip Fish

Manufacturer: Melissa & Doug
Age: 6 – 12 Months
Toy Type: Clutching, Stuffed Toy
Develop Skills: Fine Motor, Cognitive, Social, Language
MSRP: Rp. 201.168
About this toy: This crinkling, squeaking, multi-textured soft toy is ideal for babies and toddlers. With bold colors and washable fabrics that include a variety of textures and hidden pictures, the flip fish is a nice option for exploring and story telling.
How to play: • Invite child to peak under the scales to find hidden pictures, squeak the tail to encourage grasp and finger strength, and touch crinkly scales to reward tactile exploration
• Encourage baby to look in the mirror to engage baby’s interest in faces and light
• Create a story around around the friendly sea creatures to encourage imagination and language learning

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