The Happy House

Manufacturer: Oops
Age: 12 – 24 Months
Toy Type: Multi-Activities Toy
Contents: Happy House Toy, 4 Colorful Shapes
Develop Skills: Fine Motor, Cognitive, Social & Emotional
MSRP:  Rp. 430.000
About this toy: Let your toddler explore and learn with this wooden city themed Happy House! The neat house had so many components for your toddler to enjoy like turning gears, a shape sorter, and an animal clock featuring Jerry.
How to play: • To play with the shape sorter, pop in the colorful shapes into the matching holes!
• Spin the gears for visual sensory stimulation
• Teach your child time telling by moving around the clock hands
• Let your child explore their imagination by encouraging them to use the house for pretend play

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